Home Vacation & Family Time

It's the longest night of the year. I decided to cozy up today in true Christmas vacation fashion and finish a (non-theology) book ... Longbourn by Jo Baker, a creative take on the lives of the servants in Pride and Prejudice.

Of course, many items on my vacation to-do list were also beckoning. I realized the other day that when one says yes to lots of little projects and commitments, they pile up rather quickly! This is true in my case anyway. So these days of winter break from school will also necessarily involve a variety of projects, mostly editing, a little writing and research.

But it's a balance.  Monday I'm planning to have some quality father-daughter time. Christmas Eve will be a quiet Susan prayer day. Christmas morning with my little nephew, big sis and brother-in-law (that's where Santa fills my stocking these days!). Christmas afternoon with my Dad at his retirement facility. Then more family fun the day after Christmas when my oldest sister and three nieces descend on Chicago for a week.

Classes start January 6th (ecclesial Latin) so in between now and then will be a mix of family, quiet down time, and whittling away at my many projects.

While I'm at it, I'd like to take this opportunity to wish each of you, dear readers, a blessed last few days of Advent and a very merry Christmas!


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