Snowy Gaudete Sunday

Well as it turns out I spent Gaudete Sunday--3rd Sunday of Advent for those not in the know, when we REJOICE that Jesus is coming very very soon (liturgically)-- in a snowy Chicago instead of driving between Seattle and Portland as planned. My Dad has been having a few health challenges and needed some company to get through them, so I came back a bit early from my west coast sojourn. I spent Friday night & Saturday with him, and happily he is doing better. Hence I'm back on my own in Hyde Park and sorting out the disorganized mess I left in my room when I skipped town after my last assignments were turned in for the semester.

When I left Seattle, it was warmish and raining so all I needed was my lightweight rain gear over fleece. Here in Chicago, where it is 11 degrees!, I needed much more than that for my walk to mass and the grocery store this morning.

This morning during mass, I was reflecting on how sometimes life is messy and complicated. Sometimes people might disappoint us, other times we might feel like we can't give someone everything they need.  We are busy, our time is limited. Etc...  Yet, it is into this very real human world, for surely even Joseph and Mary were stressed and torn in multiple directions, that Jesus came. It is into this very real human world, where we are torn in multiple directions, weary and worn, that Jesus comes. Think about that for a minute.  Truly, there is so much to be joyful about as we await the coming of the Prince of Peace.

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