Go to Joseph - St. Joseph's Day

Wednesday is St. Joseph's Day, a special Feast Day for my religious community, the Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace.  As our CSJP Constitutions say:
From the beginning of the congregation
Joseph was chosen as our patron
because he is a model of peace.
His courage to live a life of faith
inspires us to trust in God's abiding love
especially in times of struggle and uncertainty.  
As I reflected on this blog a while back: "We certainly live in times of struggle and uncertainty on a  grand scale, and each of us in our own lives may also face certain struggles and weariness from time to time.  And so did Joseph.  I'm spending some special time walking with Joseph these days, and invite you to do the same."

When Margaret Anna Cusack, known in religion as Mother Francis Clare, founded the Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace in 1884, she chose Joseph as our patron because he is a model of peace.  In her words: "No doubt we may point to St. Joseph as the great model of every virtue, but it would seem as if peace was his crowning grace."

When I find myself in times of struggle or uncertainty, I go to Joseph, model of peace. I had a recent experience of this, today on the vigil of his feast day in fact, and all I can say is, Joseph had my back. I felt his peaceful presence, his commitment to family, and his trust in God's abiding love.

To celebrate this day, I made a video prayer reflection a while ago, set to "Joseph, Better You than Me" by the Killers (featuring Elton John and Neil Tennant).  Enjoy ... and remember to "Go to Joseph."

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