Gone Hermitaging

Sign from day-use hermitage at Santa Sabina
Retreat Center, San Rafael, CA
In the morning I'm headed to spend a week in silence at a new-to-me retreat center (Christ in the Wilderness). This will be my first hermitage retreat and I am very excited.

To spend time alone with my loving God

To listen, watch, and connect with nature--whistling winds, chirping birds, and who knows what else

To take long walks in the woods, finding my way as I go

To take photographs, draw, and color - if the Spirit moves

Who knows what else will be in store?  I took this photo on retreat a few years ago at Santa Sabina in San Rafael, California. That was not a hermitage retreat, but they had a small hermitage on the campus where you could spend some time during the day and even overnight if you wanted to.

I feel very blessed to have the opportunity for time away. The annual retreat is one of my favorite "have-to's" as a Sister. I sent an email to the nurse at my Dad's assisted living to let her know I'd be away. Her response:  "Enjoy the peace and quiet. I have no idea what that feels like but it sounds lovely."

And so I enter into this week of rest and renewal of my relationship with God, myself and creation in a spirit of deep gratitude and blessing.


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