Feeling better about voting for the dark side

Back in 2000 this daughter of a democratic politician did the unthinkable … I voted for Senator Gordon Smith, a (gasp) republican!!!! At the time I wasn't so excited about his democratic opponent, and it seemed to me that Smith was of good moral fiber and had what it took to be a much needed moderate voice in the Senate. Since then there have been many instances where I have questioned his voting record and thus my judgement.

This morning however I awoke to news on NPR that HE SAVED MEDICAID!!! Or rather, that his brave introduction of an amendment put a wrinkle in the Bush Administration plans to fund their crazy plans to drive the country into the ground on the backs of the most vulnerable - the poor and disabled.

Led by Sen. Gordon Smith, R-Ore., the Senate rejected
a plan to cut growth in Medicaid spending by $14 billion over five years,
dealing a high-profile blow to the president's efforts to cut growth in
entitlement programs.

Smith's amendment passed 52-48, largely on the
strength of unanimous support from Senate Democrats. He was joined by six
moderates in his own party: Lincoln Chafee, R-R.I.; Norm Coleman, R-Minn.; Susan
Collins, R-Maine; Mike DeWine, R-Ohio; Olympia Snowe, R-Maine; and Arlen
Specter, R-Pa.

Smith's amendment would create a 23-member commission
to spend a year studying potential cost-saving reforms to Medicaid, the
federal-state health insurance plan for low-income people.

"We must not abandon or put at risk those who are
most vulnerable in our society before we know the impact of our actions," Smith
in introducing the amendment. "It is imperative that we put sound policy before
budget cuts."

Thanks Gordon! You're a superstar.

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Susan Rose, CSJP said...

Good editorial on this in today's Oregonian.