Some perspective

Interspersed with my occasional thoughts of "What the hell am I doing" when it comes to this whole discernment thing are more frequent thoughts of how much I hate my job and how happy I'll be when I don't have to come to city hall each and every day to create, interpret and enforce red tape.

Then there's a day like yesterday, when perspective hits you in the face. A number of my co-workers accidentally found out in a public forum that their jobs are on the chopping block in the name of efficiencies and budget savings. I'm all for effective & efficient government, but these are real people with families to support.

I had a dream last night where it was me that was losing my job. And you know what, it was more of a nightmare rather than a dream come true. My prayers this morning were full of thanks for my good fortune. To have a job that pays the bills. Where I can work with good people, do some good and have fun at times as well. And be blessed with the time to discern my future.

As the wise man said in the good book, do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring worries of its own. Today's trouble is enough for today.

Please keep my coworkers and their families in your prayers.

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Steve Bogner said...

As a business consultant, I've seen many companies cut jobs like this via outsourcing. Some companies help their employees make the transition, many don't. It IS sad to watch, sad to see. And it happens everywhere.