Funerals and Miracles

Funerals. I went to a funeral today for my friend Margaret. Margaret died after a long battle with cancer. Margaret also faced many obstacles and "sufferings" in her life. But she did so with grace. She did so with hope. She did so with joy. A twinkle in her eye. One of her coworkers who gave a eulogy at the service summed Margaret up. You always felt better after an encounter with Margaret. She looked you in the eye and radiated the love of Christ. I didn't know Margaret well but I am a better person because I knew her at all. Funerals are for the living. Today felt like yet another gift from Margaret. She is at peace, and wants us to be at peace as well.

Miracles. I don't know what I think about miracles. I'm dubious. And yet I believe. I don't know .... But there's been something I've been praying for lately. Something that would remove a lot of obstacles for me. Yesterday someone told me that she was going to start praying for a miracle. For another person to have a change of heart who can help remove this obstacle. Then, today, I get an e-mail that this person has had a change of heart. Coincidence? No matter what I think about miracles, I'm starting to think there are no such thing as coincidences where God is concerned.

Food for thought.

I'm now on the Alliance for Moderate, Liberal and Progressive blogs. Which means people might actually read this blog now. Not sure how I feel about that.....

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