Punk Rock Nun

Or more accurately I guess, punk rock ex-nun. Or to be even more accurate, fictional ex-nun turned punk rock angst filled woman on TV. Let me explain. I was flipping channels last night and came across Joan of Arcadia. A show I’ve enjoyed the few times I’ve watched it but don’t follow.

On this episode there was a character named Lilly who is apparently a recurring character. Late 20’s or Early 30’s. She’s got streaked hair. Tatoos. Works with "juvenile delinquents." Artistic. She wouldn’t be out of place with the alternative types in my SE Portland neighborhood. And as I discovered after watching the show for a bit … she’s an "ex-nun." A pissed off ex-nun who it appears is mostly pissed off at God.

I’m intrigued. Last weekend I saw a positive portrayal of a
Sister on TV. This week we have Lilly. I wonder if the punk-rock style element was a part of her character in her nun days. I hope so .. people should be comfortable being who they are.

It’s also good to see people coming to grips with their demons on TV. From my experience, looking back the times I was most pissed off at God (when my mom was dying) were in a weird way when I was closest to God. Anger is a pretty intimate feeling.

All in all it’s got me working on a version of the
Dead Milkmen’s song Punk Rock Girl…

Punk Rock Nun
You’re pissed off at God
Punk Rock Nun
And you’re dressed so mod
Let’s go change the world
Just you and me Punk Rock Nun

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