The Fine Art of Getting Up Every Morning

About a year ago (when I was really struggling with what I was supposed to do with my life and getting through a full 8 to 5 day at work) I started this habit each week of writing an inspirational quote on a post-it note and sticking it on my monitor. Believe it or not, it helped.

I now have a large pile of assorted words of wisdom … of course I also was in the habit of not writing down where the quote was from. So now they are orphans …

Anyway, I was cleaning up my desk a bit this morning and ran across this one in my pile of Post-It-Note-Wisdom. I THINK it's from a Joan Chittister book called "Illuminated Life." Could be wrong though. In any case, I share this bit of wisdom with you:

One of the most difficult, but most seasoning, elements of life
is simply the fine art of getting up every morning,
of doing what must be done
if for no other reason than
that it is our responsibility to do it.
To face the elements of the day and keep on going on
takes a peculiar kind of courage,
It is in the dailiness that we prove our mettle
And it is not easy."

Inspiring words to start the day. I was feeling very proud of myself for making it in to work 5 minutes early today. What courage! Proof of my mettle! An artisan of the every day! :-) Ok, silliness over. Time to do some actual work.

Peace to you on this day.

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