This sums up my conflicted hope about the new guy

From our friends at NETWORK, the Catholic social justice lobby founded by women religious:

"With the election of Cardinal Ratzinger as our new Pope Benedict XVI, we trust in the workings of the Holy Spirit. The election may not portend what many of us hoped for, but we do trust that the Spirit can work in unusual ways. This time calls all of us to engage in deep reflection that seeks insight leading to action. Jesus sent us into the world to proclaim a message of Love—the embodiment of the Spirit alive in our midst. We at NETWORK seek to act from that place of love, being faithful to the Spirit that leads us to be engaged in the world. From this contemplative stance, with very mixed feelings, we trust in the insight of Julian of Norwich: “All will be well.”

Very beautifully said. No point pretending we're not conflicted. I'll admit my first thought was a not so pleasant swear word when I heard the news. I'll admit that horror scenarios went through my head. But the Holy Spirit is alive and in our midst. And those of us who are committed to our church, committed to the poor and vulnerable in our midst, committed to being engaged in the world, well, we can't give up. We need to prayerfully, reflectively continue our action proclaiming the gospel message of peace and love. Maybe Benedict will be a collaborative partner. Maybe Benedict will seem to be putting up road blocks. No doubt there wil lbe moments of disagreement. But that's part of the game of life. So the mixed feelings are understandable, maybe even necessary to ensure that we are called from contemplation to action. But don't forget the contemplation part. If you're feeling lost, wounded or alienated ... it's ok. Don't pretend you're not. But take it to prayer. Think about what that means, for you for the church and for the world.

And in the end, if it helps, remember our friend Julian of Norwich (or Julie Ann as my favorite spiritual director calls her). ALL WILL BE WELL. ALL WILL BE WELL. AND ALL MANNER OF THINGS WILL BE WELL.

(This pep talk is as much for me as the rest of you. And will be repeated I'm sure on the long journey ahead).


suzanne said...

lovely post! i'm pleased to see someone who mite not actually be jumping for joy saying some honest things in a gracious way...i've read too many harsh comments on both conservative and liberal sides...prayer does offer a new perspective on things, doesn't it? (btw, i'm a seeker looking into catholicism and the comments i'm reading around the web from catholics are very telling concerning their faith.)

RedheadedCyclone said...

I have been rereading your archive for various personal reasons. I think that this post is very interesting and I do believe that without the constriction that Benedict performed that we probably would not have the pope that we have today who seems to be revitalizing and reinvigorating the Catholic Church. Things do seem to work in mysterious ways. :-)

Susan Rose Francois, CSJP said...

Thanks for the note. The Spirit is very sneaky...