No surprise and yet

I took the Pew Research Center's "Beyond Red vs. Blue" Political Typology test. No surprise … I'm a liberal. What's interesting to me is that I'm part of the "least religious" group. 43% of Liberals state they never attend religious services. Only 13% attend bible study or prayer groups.

And yet, a BIG part of why I believe what I believe is tied to my faith and Catholic Social Teaching (CST) in particular. Dignity of Life & the Human Person. Option for the Poor and Vulnerable. Care for God's Creation. Solidarity. Rights of Workers. Common Good. Promoting Peace. (If you're not familiar with CST check out the blog Sollicitudo Rei Socialis for some good discussion).

When I evaluate government programs and our society's responsibility in light of my faith, I tend to vote the way that I think will most help the vulnerable among us. Hence I'm a Liberal.

I'll admit that I'm often mystified how "religious" people, and Catholics in particular, can look at the message of the Gospels to care for our neighbors and then vote out of their own self interest.

But then again, I'm a bleeding heart Liberal. Which is now socially scientificaly proven!


Jarzembowski said...

Glad to see that you are proud of your blue-state-leanings. I find it odd that many liberals are not church-going people since much of what makes them a liberal is about making the lives of others better is what the church is all about. Glad to see someone else who sees it that way... keep it up.

Anonymous said...

I came up "Pro-Gov't Conservative" - and as far as I could, I too answered the questions in accordance with Catholic social teaching: in favor of government helping the poor, pro-immigrant, skeptical of big business, not too thrilled about excessive reliance on the military, don't buy the radical individualism crap ... but I also answered in favor of increasing the influence of religious values in society, and opposed to gay marriage.

The difference between your result and mine makes me wonder how they score the questions.

Susan Rose, CSJP said...

I have a feeling the difference is problem in the range of our opinions - how strongly we feel about them.

But it's a big tent, this church of ours, with room for us all!

Anonymous said...

Agreed! ... and boy oh boy, it makes me feel great to be able to agree with a liberal Catholic about something!! The usual blog bickering drives me nuts.

I'll be back to your blog again. You have a lovely spirit.

Susan Rose, CSJP said...

No interest in blog bickering here, although varied opinions are welcomed.

We're all brothers and sisters on the same journey. And we won't get there alone.

Welcome oh anonymous commenter.