So long Seabury Lane, It was good to know you

This just in … my father has closed on the sale of my childhood home. Until he moved into an assisted living center last fall (long story), he was still in the house they moved into 2 weeks before I was born. Needless to say it’s a big transition, for all of us. I wrote this prayer and had a little "farewell" ceremony when I was last there in January. With the news that it’s a done deal, it seemed appropriate to pull it out one last time ….

A Prayer of Thanksgiving & Farewell to Seabury Lane
All loving God,
I thank you on this day for all the days of my life
Those that have passed and those that are yet to come.

I thank you for my loving, nurturing and challenging family.
For my mother who has gone before me to eternal rest,
who taught me the meaning of hope, justice, compassion and love.
For my father who is learning again how to live each day,
who taught me to learn, work, strive, and make a difference,
and who continues to stretch me and challenge me to love.
For my brothers and sisters scattered across the globe but always with me in spirit,
who teach me about love, friendship, responsibility and fun.

I thank you for my childhood home, where I was brought as a new born child.
Where I took my first steps, hid under the dining room table, built forts, taught imaginary classes, created culinary concoctions, cared for my grandparents, and learned to be me.
I thank you for the memories, moments and miracles. The happy ones, funny ones, sad ones and sorrowful ones. They are all a part of who I am and they happened here.

Guard this house. Keep this house safe in the memories and spirit of my family. Guide a new family to these walls, so that they may find shelter both spiritual and physical.

Goodbye & Farewell to Seabury Lane. I thank my gracious God for you and say goodbye.

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