morning appointments

I had an early morning appointment at the dentist today. I was overdue for my cleaning, plus the dental health report is one of the few items outstanding on my groovy sister application. I of course needed to tell them WHY I needed the report. The hygienist and dentist were less fascinated than my doctor and her medical assistant. Interested yes, but more interested in my teeth. It was a change from the normal requests they have for dental reports - military and peace corps being the most common. As she was leaving the room, my dentist did say: "Well, I guess that goes to show there's no such things as just running off to join the convent anymore. You need to apply for it just like for everything else." And then the hygienist said, "Yeah, I guess you can't just drop your troublesome daughter off at the convent either." I luckily had hands and metal tools in my mouth so I couldn't do anything more than grunt in response.

Tomorrow moring I take the car in for an overdue oil change and whomping willow damage repair.

PS - To avoid future spam related repair, I've added bloggers new word verification to my comments. Try it out. Pretty painless as far as I can see.

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ukok said...

Ouch, dentist's. I loathe them. Well, actually it isn't the dentist that I loathe, it's the treatment that they give, but let's not get technical about it.

God Bless.