truth or fiction?

Got this via a silly forwarded e-mail. Can anyone enlighten me??? Truth or fiction? Must be fiction ("chip monk"/"chipmunk"/get it?)

It's funny nonetheless.... Enjoy!

"This may come as a surprise to those of you not living in Las Vegas but there are more Catholic churches there than casinos. Not surprisingly, some worshippers at Sunday services will give casino chips rather than cash when the basket is passed. Since they get chips from so many different casinos, the churches have devised a method to collect the offerings. The churches send all their collected chips to a nearby Franciscan Monastery for sorting and then the chips are taken to the casinos of origin and cashed in. Of course, this is done by a chip monk. "

By the way, one of my first records (yes it was on vinyl) was "Chipmunk Punk." Nothing like Alvin belting out "My Sharona." Wish I still had it, but sadly it went the way of an ill conceived yard sale many moons ago....

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Mark Mossa, SJ said...

Don't know about the chip "monk," but I do know that it is a fact that Catholic churches in Las Vegas do accept chips in the collection.

Have a great weekend!