weird dreams

I had weird dreams last night ... about the Pope. He asked me to help write a more sane verson of last year's On Collaboration of Men & Women. Now that he was the man in charge, he wanted to correct some things that he & PJP had argued about. Like I said, weird dream.

That reminds me ... My Dad's taken to asking me about the new Pope everytime we talk. It's a bit odd. He always wanted me to become a nun (dad not the pope), and now that I'm actually discerning that increasingly real possibility, he's now asking me how I can join up with a sexist church. Sigh..... Fathers. At least I'm coming to peace with this balancing act I'm embarking upon.

The other day Dad asked me how I'm getting along with the Pope. ... Yes I had quite a few issues with him in his earlier incarnation as Cardinal Ratzinger. Yes he'll likely say (infalible) things that I don't agree with. But so far, my attempt at trusting in the holy spirit has been working pretty well for me. Plus, I just don't have a lot of energy right now for Pope anxiety ... But with Dad, I just try to come up with oneliners to get him to change the subject. This time I told him the Pope & I don't talk much so there haven't been any problems.

Off to work for me. Heard some super sad stories about victims of Katrina on the radio last night. Prayers, prayers, some more prayers, and
donations coming their way.

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