a bit about me in factors of five

Mark Mossa had this meme on his blog with an open ended tag. Looked like an interesting list of things I know about me that you might not know, so I've tagged myself and here goes:

Five Things I Plan To Do Before I Die
--Become a groovy sister
--Get a graduate degree in SOMETHING (theology most likely)

--Learn how to knit
--Write a book (again about SOMETHING) that people actually read
--Continue to grow and develop in my relationship to God

Five Things I Can Do
--Sing the Preamble to the Constitution School House Rock style
--Say “Crime & Punishment” in Russian
--Reorganize a chaotic freezer and find room where there was no room
--Sit and watch the ocean waves for hours upon hours

Five Things I Cannot Do
--Remember the rules to card games
--Not be annoyed when the restroom I use is marked “Ladies” while my gentlemen friends go through the door marked “Men.” (Boys goes with Girls. Men with Women. Ladies wih Gentlemen.)

--Spend more than 3 days without reading the paper or listening to npr

Five Things That Attract Me To The Opposite Sex
--Openness of heart and mind
--sense of humor
--Anything more might be scandalous (stealing this line from Mark Mossa but it certainly applies!)

Five Things I Say Most Often
--Right Right
--[Fill in the blank] is a child of God (my mantra when someone annoys me)
--I don’t know
--You know?

Five Celebrity Crushes
-There is only one. Ewan McGregor is my one and only movie boyfriend.

Five People I Want to Do This
Some of you have already done this meme. I leave it up to the others if they want to play.

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