terrorized nun

My brother sent me this link - Nun Terrorized by Terror Watch. A very interesting read.

A few years ago I got a frantic call from my Dad that my mom was in ICU close to death and about to have her leg amputated. I immediately booked a plane and was at the airport within hours. This was when the TSA was checking carry on bags at the gate. Here I was, emotionally tramautized and not sure if my mom was going to live, and I had the entire contents of my carry on dumped out and inspected. From underwear to feminine hygiene products. To my asthma inhaler which they took apart. Not once, but twice as this happened at my connection too. I was close to tears and asked them why this was necessary. Apparently I was on a watch list because of the last minute purchase of my ticket. Luckily this didn't continue to follow me over the next few years as I was flying a lot when Mom was sick. Unlike this sister, I don't know anyone who can call Karl Rove!


Lorem ipsum said...

Yesterday I was flying and there was a nun (in habit!) on my flight! I was flying Southwest and she was in the preboard group. I sat in the row in front of her and said, 'I didn't realize sisters got to preboard!' The lady next to her whispered, 'I think it's because she's... older.' Sister just smiled.

She really didn't look particularly old and/or infirm, so perhaps one day soon you will get special treatment. Just be sure to wear your uniform!

Susan Rose, CSJP said...

Alas, no uniform to wear.

Although Saturday I was walking down the Street with some sisters on the way to the protest march, and someone said "Way to go Sisters."

Granted they were wearing their crosses, but other than that no particular identifier. Guess we just looked like a "nunny" group.

It's true .... if you have an eye Sisters are not always hard to spot. Habit or no.