crossing generations

A few days ago Joe at Novitiate Notes had a great post about the intergenerational friendships that tend to blossom in religious life. He acknowledges that such friendships happen other places, but there's something about religious life that seems to encourage and nourish them. And it's not just the youngin's learning from the old fogeys ... there's a give and take, an equality of sisterhood/brotherhood where every generation has something to share and something to learn.
I couldn't imagine life as a Jesuit novice without the example, encouragement and support of my elders who have been Jesuits for much longer than I've been alive. Friendships between younger and older Jesuits provide a significant amount of mentoring, but at their best they're also characterized by a certain brotherly equality and give-and-take that suggests that different generations can learn from each other. (Novitiate Note Joe)

Last weekend I had a great time getting to know some of the older sisters. My lunchtime companion was Sr. M. She invited me to her table and made me feel right at home. I heard lots of great stories. ... And then yesterday I got an e-mail ("nun-mail" as I call it) from the province offices asking us to pray for Sr. M. Seems she's been diagnosed with cancer and has already started treatment. She's a strong woman with a lot of faith. May it see her through to continued health and service to our God. Please keep her in your prayers.


PS- Happy Blogiversary Joe!

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Steph said...

I know that's something I've really noticed in community. In fact, probably the person I was closest to for my first several months was a good thirty years older than me. It's kinda cool like that. And then, of course, there are the "older" sisters .... many of whom are as feisty and instigating (or even more so) than I am.

It's nice to have some trouble-making competition!