far from home

Please pray for the 1,000 evacuees from New Orleans who will soon be my neighbors. Oregon is getting ready to welcome them as soon as Wednesday, one of a dozen states that have offered to help out. Turns out they’ll be living at an old high school about 10 minutes from my house. I’m sure the folks who will be coming here are tired and frustrated and confused and not so excited about being taken 2,000 miles away from home. May they find comfort and peace. And may natives be patient as our new neighbors learn that it’s "Orygun" not "Ore-E-Gone." :)

Please pray also for all those preparing to welcome our new neighbors. To take care of their physical, spiritual, and emotional needs. May it all be guided by the Holy Spirit.

Lastly, please pray for my own little parish peace & justice commission as we begin discerning what we can do over the next 6 months to help these folks. We’re only one parish over from where they’ll be, and I bet there will a very significant number of Catholics amongst the thousand.


ShadowMayhem said...

I can almost garuntee that the majority will be Catholic the rest will be some sort of Fundamentalist Christian... you may have one or 2 muslims if you do actually get an honest cross section of the population

Steph said...

We're getting a decent chunk of the evacuees here in Louisville, but that's not TOO far out. Oregon, though? Not only is that completely the other side of the country, but also the north/south differential (especially if they're gonna be there for the winter) as well as just the culture shock from Cajun Country to Pacific Northwest.

Blessings on them and you and everyone else. Pretty soon it's going to be hard to find anyone who's not affected in some way or another by all this!

ShadowMayhem said...

DC area is reportedly getting 15,000.