a sister by the sea

Back from our mini-vacation to the coast. As always, it was beautiful. I always joke that God had a lot of fun creating the Oregon Coast.

We stayed with Sr. Noreen who works at the groovy sister hospital there. She welcomed us into her home by the sea and took great care of us. I find it amazing that, as a pretty darn shy individual, I can feel so at home with people I barely know. Well, not most people but pretty much every groovy sister. I guess it has something to do with the mystery of community and sharing the same charism/spirit in your heart. … I’d only met Sr. N once at the Jubilee celebrations – she was one of the 10 Sisters to celebrate Jubilees this year. And yet she opened her home and heart to us and showed us all around town.

She works at the small community hospital there which is run in a partnership by the community and the sisters’ health system. Sr. N is the pastoral care director and chaplain. She’s on call 24/7 (although she had the weekend off to spend with us). When she gave us a tour of the hospital Sunday morning it was obvious how much she cares about the place and the people, and it was obvious how much they care about her.
A very nice mini groovy sister field trip.


andrea said...

I'm curious. Is Sr. Noreen there alone? I'm just wondering what happens to the idea of community when you're off by yourself.

Maybe I have a very rosy view of religious life, but one of the things I would find attractive is coming together with others for prayer and for Mass.

Susan Rose, CSJP said...


That's a great question! Most sisters do live in community. Our Constitutions (I love saying our!) do recognize that in some cases for ministry that's not possible. So sisters who need to live alone can get permission to do so and make an effort to structure their life so they have the support and prayer they need.

Sr. Noreen is about an hour from Eugene where 4 sisters live, so she can get together with them from time to time. There's also at least one groovy sister associate (a lay person who associates with the community) in the area. And she has a wonderful parish and local community. Plus, she has the support of knowing she's a part of the work going on in other parts of the country and globe by the sisters.