heart breaking

This story from the BBC about the refugees in New Orleans just breaks my heart.

There are so many implications of this tragedy, aside from the horror affecting what seem to be the forgotten poor of New Orleans. How horrible it feels even to write that, acknowledging the disgrace of what is happening to our brothers and sisters there by just a sentence and then moving on with just two words "aside from."

Uggh... I am finding it so hard to concentrate on work today.

Anyway, The US Bishops website has an item about relocating of retired religious who have been left homeless from the hurricane.

Catholic schools are opening up to displaced students.

College students that survived the hurricane now have no where to go to school. Heard about that on NPR this morning. Other schools seem to be welcoming them. Mark Mossa, sj has info on Loyola.

So much .... and yet my heart and mind returns to those poor souls stuck on the ground, who have not been able to get out, who have gone days without food or water or diapers or bathrooms or medical care. Human beings. Our brothers and sisters. Do we wonder if they are frustrated and hopeless? And then to read about people criticizing the poor for not evacuating? It just breaks my heart and makes me angry.

Give what you can. And then give some more. And pray, pray pray for those poor souls stuck in New Orleans. I'll admit I'm starting to feel like people away from the front must have felt in World War II. We just can't imagine the reality of the hell they are going through. We can read about it, we can even see it on tv. but we cannot imagine it.

For the Intercession of the Saints
Good Saint Joseph, patron of Baton Rouge,
comfort those who have lost the ones they loved,
and bring them peace.

Saint Francis of Assisi, patron of the poor,
pray for that God might show us the way
to relieve the terrible sufferings of these days.

Saint Christopher,
who bore the Christ across the waters,
deliver us from the waters of this flood.

Good Saint Anthony, Patron of the lost,
lead all who are stranded or homeless
back to those who love them.

Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos,
look upon your beloved people,
that Christ might restore all that has been lost.
(More prayers here)

Updated: Do yourself a favor and read this article in the Guardian on race relations. Thanks to Rob Marsh, sj for the link.

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