holiday weekend

It's almost Labor Day weekend which makes me happy. It's been an action packed few weeks at work, as I was trying to get things done in time for my September 1 deadline on my giant project at work. I'm happy to report I managed to get everything that needed to get done done. Whew!!! Now I can get back to the rest of my work (after this quick blogging break of course!).

This week my friend Hellen is here visiting. (Hi Hellen if you're reading!). She's also in formation with the groovy sisters. Tomorrow we're headed to the beautiful Oregon Coast to see the sights and visit with Sister Noreen who works at the groovy sisters hospital there. Should be lots of fun. I'll check back in next week.

Take care everyone. Have a safe holiday weekend. Enjoy your friends and family. Send some money to the folks in the Gulf Coast. Say some prayers for them too. Kind of strange to be going on with our lives isn't it (those of us unaffected by the disaster). Although with all this driving I have planned this month for various groovy sister events, I'm not terribly excited about the increase in gas prices :(

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