help through blogging

According to Nathan it's Hurricane Blog for Relief Day.

Every story I read is heart wrenching. I must admit I feel a bit guilty just going about my daily life here. I can't imagine. But we can pray. And we can give what they need ... moola!

Penni is raising money for bloggy friends Crystal & Fish. You just use the paypal button on the right of the screen. Just did this .. easy as pie. Thanks Penni!

Natala at And that Makes All the Difference has an idea for those who want to do something more concrete. You can send supplies to her friend's Metholdist Church in Alabama. Thanks Natala!

Or give money to Catholic Charities or Mercy Corps or American Red Cross or any number of agencies on the ground.

Just do something

Peace Out,

UPDATE: I've got a post up on Sollicitudo Rei Socialis. It's an unfortunate tie in to my post earlier this week on the increasing poverty rate. Our brothers and sisters REALLY need our help. It kind of explains why so many didn't evacuate. They probably didn't have the cash or means of transport.


ukok said...

God bless all their endeavours.

Natala said...

thanks for linking .. peace to you today.

Lorem ipsum said...

I feel so helpless too... but even though we're down to one income in our household, we have so much more and so then it's easy to figure out what we can contribute: prayers and money, for they have nothing.