meeting the parents

At various points on this vocation journey I’ve struggled for a context and come up with ... dating. It’s different, I know, but as a 30-something American woman it’s the social construct that helps me best understand this process, in particular the getting to know communities aspect. For example, when I was confused about whether I was called to the groovy sisters or another great community (that in retrospect I always knew was not me), it felt like I was double dating. Should I go out with the guy who just seems to be meant for me - fun and exciting - or for the nice guy who is steady and true. See, the dating analogies do in fact help.

Well, last Friday was the vocation version of meeting the parents. My Dad took Sr. Sheila (groovy sister congregation leader), Sr. Terry (g.s. assistant leader) and me out to dinner. It was a pleasant conversation. Dad asked lots of questions about the community, their personal histories, etc... They were troopers and didn’t seem fazed. It wasn’t until I left to go use the ladies room that I realized ... I left them alone to talk about me! It was such a meeting the parents moment. Would Dad approve? Would he embarrass me? Would they pass the test for his baby daughter?

In the end it was fine, more than fine. They enjoyed getting to meet Dad. Dad I think really liked having faces to put to the community. The next night he and I had dinner alone and he had many more questions. About the community. About what I see myself doing. About the future of religious life. Etc... And in the end, it turns out he’s changed his mind and decided to help me pay off my debt so that I can start novitiate after this candidacy year. Most likely, if all goes according to plan. I’ve been praying for this for so long, now that it’s happened I kind of can’t believe it. Funny how that works.

I’m back home by the way. Back to work tomorrow. Not really looking forward to that. But it’s not forever. And now is even less so not forever!

While in DC I also was able to reconnect with Bloggy friend Brandon live and in person, and meet bloggy friend Omis for the first time. I loved catching up on Brandon’s transition from novice to seminarian (hang in there! you’ll do great! and don‘t let you know who be too bossy!) and on Omis’ continuing discernment journey. Good fun having some of my virtual companions become more real life companions on this journey.

Well, off to bed for this tuckered out traveller.


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