greetings from dc

Howdy everyone! Just checking in quickly from my dad's computer. Things are going really well. The weather cooperated for the march yesterday (only in the 70's). Oodles of people. Some peaceful, some not so peaceful. But felt good to be a witness for peace with the Sisters. Especially cool to march past the white house.

Today more quality time with Dad. We're getting along well which is not always the case so I'm thankful.

Fun with Sr. Sheila & Sr. Terry too. We all had dinner Friday with my Dad. That was good - gave him a chance to learn more about the community and become more comfortable with this all. I think he sees how they are a fit.

Tonight I get to visit with my friend Fr. Steve and two bloggy friends in real time! Quite excited about that.

Back to Portland tomorrow afternoon. The only down side is I seem to have caught a bit of a cold. Not fun :)

Take care everyone!


ShadowMayhem said...

I am sure our "lovely" weather didn't help too much... lol...

Marie said...

Hurrah that you were there for the peace march. Know that hundreds and thousands more of us were there with you in spirit. Thanks for being there in body!