on prayer

One new development in my life … people ask me to pray for them or loved ones. At first I was weirded out by this phenomenon. Did they think I had some special pipeline to the big guy. Then I realized that no, it’s just that they know I actually pray. Each and every day. And so I do, and it’s really an honor to be asked to hold someone in prayer when you get down to it. My list is getting a little long though (I gave up a while ago and do in fact have a written list.)

A coworker and friend of mine told me today that she told her Dad (who’s been battling cancer) that her friend Susan, the one who was becoming a nun, had been praying for him. He was a bit down in the dumps and this apparently made him feel better. Then she told him she’d been praying for him too. He’s a devout Christian and she’s pretty new agey, so then he asked her if she remembered to pray to Jesus. He’s not so sure about just general prayers to the creator God & Spirit.

I’m of the personal opinion that just having folks thinking about you and praying for you, focusing God’s love and compassion can’t hurt. No matter what formula they use or prayers they say. Don’t quite understand how it works beyond that, but I know I’ve been feeling everyone praying for me lately.

And so I continue to pray...

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