sounds familiar

Today's 1st Reading from Numbers starts: "With their patience worn out by the journey, the people complained..."

Boy does that sound familiar. On a journey? Yes. A wonderful journey my God has invited me on to be sure. Impatient on the journey? You bet! Yesterday at work was filled with impatience. Citizens and assorted others were impatient with me, I was impatient back. Just the tip of the iceberg really when it comes to my impatience.

And so I pray. For patience. For trust. For strength. For the spiritual food I need, my lambas biscuits (I think that's what the elfen bread is called in Lord of the Rings) to see me through on this long wonderful quest with God.

And luckily, I know that my everloving God will put up with my complaining. It's not like it's the first God's heard of it, as this reading from Numbers tells us. Whiners? God knows whiners.

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ukok said...

I need to pray for the grace to be patient and humble!

God Bless.