Just got back from a good old fashioned girls’ afternoon with my friend Susie (who I also hadn’t seen in ages). Had lunch with her and her family, then the two of us snuck out to go shopping. I didn’t in fact buy anything. I toyed with buying a new rain coat at the outlet (my zipper’s broken on mine and rain gear is essential in the pacific northwest), but didn’t. I don’t spend much money these days, so each purchase seems like a bigger deal. I have to really be sure it’s the RIGHT item to purchase. No more impulse buys for me it seems. Susie bough many cute outfits for her daughter, my god daughter. A super cute little girl to begin with, she will look adorable in the striped and flowered ensembles her mom bought.

Visitors to the blog, Sr. Christine and my friend Omis, had good points in the comments to my last post. Balance is important in life. Balance of "doing nothing" time with friends (like today) with more "meaningful" time spent in other pursuits. Balance of community time, friend time and me time. I tend to spend most of my "free" time at meetings for church social justice stuff or peace stuff or now with the groovy sisters. It’s important though to find time to be silly with friends. And it’s important to spend time doing nothing. It’s a balancing act to be sure. For us all, but especially for me during this transitional time in my life.

Of course I need to fit in my bureaucratic work somewhere too … hmm… Monday is coming. Much too quickly for my taste!

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