what gives?

Hurrianes. Volcanic erruptions. Floods. More hurricanes. Earthquakes. Death and destruction everywhere the eye can see. What gives?

2.5 million people are estimated homeless in Pakistan from the earthquake. 2.5 MILLION! Not to mention the tens of thousands of dead.

Every once in a while I find myself thinking old-school puppet master God thoughts and I think, "Uh, God. Can you chill out with the bad stuff for a while. We can't really take it any more." This happened a lot when my mom was sick. I was pretty darn pissed off at God for quite a while.

I'm still working on suffering. I've pretty much accepted that I'll never understand it. And that it will never go away. But that Christ knows suffering. Human suffering. God is with us in the suffering. In some ways, more so than on those happy everything is great days when we don't think much about God. My God is a loving God though and I don't really think God causes suffering to teach us lessons. But there are still lessons to be learned.

However, I think we've all had more than we can handle at the moment. Don't you think? Please pray for our brothers and sisters in Pakistan & Afghanistan. And help it you can. I'm sure the same groups that are stretched thin across the globe are headed there and could use some cash.

On a happier note ... Happy Birthday to my big sis Monica. It's "10.10" which means its her day.

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Steph said...

A friend & I were talking and, while neither one of us buys into the whole "The world is ending" thing ..... ya kinda gotta wonder .....