Hello all. Quick note. I'm home ... my new groovy sister weekend home in Seattle that is. And yes, as you have no doubt guessed there is internet access. Cable no less. Yeah!

Got here last night. Settled in my room ... comfortable bed - firm but not to firm. I hate soft beds! And it looks out across Lake Washington. Nice.

My new housemates have made me feel at home. We gathered for prayer this morning with some sisters from other houses (from another community actually) and then had breakfast. Everyone has now gone about their daily business, as will I. I'm headed over to groovy sister hq (across the aforementioned lake) for a bit. Will be back for dinner.

Thanks to all for your well wishes! Have a great weekend.


Lorem ipsum said...

So is that your room? Permanently? Where you'll get to grow old and gray?

Steph said...

As I've said before, that's way awesome. Blessings on this new stage, and on figuring out the part-time-nun balance!

Lisa said...

There's a beautiful embroidery done by one of the CSJPs hanging on the wall at one of their ministry sites. It's a quote from Margaret Anna Cusack:

"It did matter to me a great deal
that I should do all I could
for those whom God loved so much --
the poor."

Blessings as you journey!


Lisa said...

Oops, I left out a line. Here's the complete quote from MACusack:

"It did matter to me a great deal,
in view of our common love for humanity,
that I should do all I could
for those whom God loved so much --
the poor."

Susan Rose, CSJP said...

Lorem, yes I'll grow older and grayer here, but only on 2 weekends a month for the next year. After that it's off east for 2 years of novitiate. Then I'll come back to Seattle and live in one of the groovy sister small local communities (maybe this one). But the determining factor will be that it's close to my ministry site.

Still feeling at home. Had the yummiest homemade mac & cheese for dinner. Seriously, no idea how yummy!!!

Spent a chunk of the day with a street map trying to tackle the mass confusion that is Seattle. (the hills get in the way!) I now know how to get from here to groovy sister hq, from here two 2 other groovy sister houses, and from here to the church I need to be at tomorrow morning for a pax christi nw assembly.

Speaking of, off to bed for my beauty sleep.

Lorna said...

love this look into your world.

blessing for the part time nun period. It's so cool and VERY interesting