This line jumped out and grabbed me in my prayer this morning, from Psalm 101 … "I will walk with integrity of heart." It stayed with me on my morning commute as well. There's a lot in that one sentence. What does it mean to walk with integrity of heart? First of all it's a goal I think. Much as we may want to be people of integrity, we're not 100 % all the time. Life, ego, you name it can get in the way. Which is where the "walking" part comes in. Life is a journey, and to say that I will walk with integrity of heart reminds me that this is what I strive for … to continue humbly on my journey with God and God's people. Through hills and valleys, peaks and pits, I strive to walk with God and live from the heart. Our hearts are naturally filled with the love that comes from God. That's our core, our center, our true being. But it can get obscured … again life, ego, you name it can get in the way. And so we call ourselves back. I call myself back.

There's a reason why this spoke so to me today. At the moment I think it's that I need to be reminded to live fully in the moment and place where I find myself now. It's so easy to "follow my heart" into the future. But I'm here and owe it to myself and those around me and to God to live with integrity of heart in the here and now. Knowing I'll stumble, but finding the source of all being as a great motivator, comforter and friend on the journey.

Rambling thoughts. Helps to get it out of my inner Susan and out in the blogosphere. Keeps me accountable for one thing. Have a good day everyone. May you find peace and comfort and inspiration on your own journeys today. Now, to work with integrity :) … Bureaucracy waits for no (wo)man!


Mark Mossa, SJ said...

It's hard not to get "senioritis" in the here and now when you know you're on your way somewhere else, but hang in there!!

Susan Rose, CSJP said...

I so totally have senioritis. The only thing is, it's a bit early in the year!!!!

My senior year in college I took 100 level classes my last term. They were classes I'd tried to get into all 4 years and I was determined with my senior status to take them. Big mistake for me and all the other seniors in those classes. We had no interest in school, let alone an introductory class.

Hmmm... need to work on this.