community time

Community. I get to spend a LONG weekend with the groovy sisters this weekend. I'm quite excited. Headed up Thursday night. Friday morning Hellen & I are meeting our fellow candidates from the East Coast at the airport. It'll be our first time together, and a preview of our upcoming time together in novitiate next year. We'll also have some time over the weekend to meet with our novice director who is flying out from the east. It'll be a good chance to learn about what to expect next fall. Then Friday night I get to attend my first vows profession ceremony. Amalia is making her perpetual profession, Margaret first profession. Very exciting. And THEN, two whole days for the Fall Province Assembly. Fun, prayer, laughter, more prayer, liturgy, meals, more fun and laughter and prayer. I've learned from past mistakes and am taking Monday off work on vacation as well so I have time to transition back. Assemblies are wonderfully exhausting :).

Last year when I went to the Fall Assembly, I was still in my "double dating" phase of discernment. I was fairly sure that this religious life thing was worth checking out, but I was VERY confused as to which community I was being called to. Looking back at how I felt at the assembly, which was actually only my second community event, it's obvious to me what I know now. The Sisters of St Joseph of Peace are my groovy sisters. But I didn't know that then and I was a wee bit confused. The other community was great too. Just not home.

Omis has a great post up about his own experiences exploring religious communities. For anyone else out there who finds themselves in this wonderful yet kind of confusing process, I recommend a resource on the LA vocation site. Some of the tips are kind of obvious, but it gives a good process for community discernment.

Most of all, please keep all folks discerning vocations in your prayers.

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