my puppy

adopt your own virtual pet!

Found this via Mark at Stumbling Toward Divinity. Good Saturday morning fun! I always joked if I got a dog I'd name it Ricola. "Riiiiiiicooooolaaaaa...."


Lorem ipsum said...

I could play with Ricola all day long, although then he'd get a tummyache from all those biscuits and jumping around.

I have a duck aka parakeet on my page - got it yesterday. I wrote them about adding a real parakeet - I mean, not real-real, but an animated one.

Love the name. My dad always thought it would be fun to name a dog Rabies. 'Rabies! Rabies!'

ShadowMayhem said...

I want a puppy... I have several names in mind depending on the dog... Anathama (sp?), Padfoot, Anubis, Inara ( you'd have to be a brown coat to understand that one...)