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Both bosses were out of the office today. VERY hard to concentrate. I did get loads of filing done. One thing about waiting months to catch up on your filing ... many of the projects are done and they can go immediately into the recycle bin or an archives box!

Thanks to Omis pointing out this new fun tool, I took an afternoon break and made my very own mr. picasso head. You too can create your own Picasso here.

The big boss then made a brief appearance in the late afternoon. He's the one who when I asked a few weeks ago if he'd heard any rumors as to what I was planning to do with my life said ... "I'd heard you were joining a nunnery." Anyway, I told him I'd be out in the morning on Monday as I have to go to the most boring training ever. I go every year when the folks from the State read the new laws to me and the other bureaucrats in my field. It's manadatory and OH so exciting. Actually, next year it will be semi-exciting as there are many new laws taking place. Which the big boss alluded to, but then I said "But I won't be here next year, most likely." He said, "Oh yeah. ... well I don't want to think about that." ... As much as it will be a HUGE shift for me to leave one day for novitiate, it'll be a big change for the office too. I forget that sometimes. But they'll live :)


~m2~ said...

i totally just made my head :)

hat-tip to discerning woman, coming up!

~m2~ said...

how did you get it to save on your flickr??

Susan Rose, CSJP said...

I did something kind of tricky to make a jpg. First I made my mr picasso head. Then I hit "print screen" to copy my picture to the clipboard. Then I opened Word and pasted it in. Then I cropped the picture. Then I copied it and pasted it into photo editor to make a jpg. Then I uploaded the jpg to flickr. A bit complicated although in reality it took maybe 5 minutes. Probably an easier way to do it but I go with what I know.