not a creature was stirring

I’m up early. The house is quiet. So I figured, what better time than to catch up on my bloggy friends! Last night I was so tired I went to bed at 9:30 (8:30 with the time change). I was in fact the first to bed. Intended to read a book but no, sleep. I think it was the pax Christi conference I went to during the day that tuckered me out … good but with lots of small group discussion. Lots. Made me tired I guess.

Not that you tuned in to learn about my sleep patterns … back to the groovy sister reserves update or … “My life as a part time nun.”

I head home this afternoon. My other home. Still fitting into the rhythms of this house but I do in fact feel at home here. We’ll see how it feels to head back to my one-person duplex and life of never being home.

Everyone was home for dinner last night which was nice … and yummy! We then gathered for evening prayer and then watched some British comedies on pbs. I especially have appreciated that no fuss has been made over me, just a welcome invitation to find my way of fitting into the flow of the house.

Won’t be back for a few weeks (3 in fact). When I do come back I think I’ll bring a few items to make my room feel more like my room.

On that note, think I’ll make some tea and enjoy the morning quiet before folks wake up.

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