to navel gaze or not to navel gaze, that is the question

I’ve got lots of things going through my head these days that I think would make great blog posts. And then I think, hmmmm…… do I really want to broadcast to that to the world?

I read biographies. I love biographies. Right now I’m reading a biography of groovy sister founder Margaret Anna Cusack by one of the groovy sisters I know (Sr. Margaret).

What always gets me with biographies are the entries from their diaries. If one day pigs fly and I become famous, I’ll need to be sure I burn my journals. Particularly my journals from the days I was in therapy! Or college. Or high school. I would NOT want some of those rambling navel gazing thoughts to be analyzed for deeper meanings.

So too this blog. My navel gazing thoughts have progressed, and are often now about this discernment process and the accompanying day to day realities and unknown futures. But not so sure I’m ready to share the nitty gritty of that with you, the blogosphere. Which I happen to know occasionally includes groovy sister visitors, some of whom have a bit to say about my formation and my future.

So ends my non-blog post. My own version of a Sienfeld episode. A blog post about nothing.

Until one day I find it within me to take the risk and share my navel gazing with the world. No doubt many of you would find it interesting.


Lorem ipsum said...

You might enjoy the book Letters of the Century. It's not exactly biographical, but it's the story of the 20th century in the form of letters, all first-person accounts from people varying from regular folks to world leaders facing the little earthquakes of everyday life. It's quite wonderful and you can pick it up at any point and get something out of it. Proof that good things do come out of everyday musings.

Steph said...

Just know that my e-mail box is open for any need-to-get-it-out-yet-not-necessarily-appropriate-for-public-consumption navel gazing .... or grumping ... or whatever else!

And let me just add that ... I know where you are ... and am very much there myself, in a way.

Glad the weekend went well ... peace out.