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Two interesting e-mails on fasting in my mailbox this morning. One from Kitty, the groovy sisters Justice & Peace Coordinator alerting us to a fast for Darfur on October 6th. Read more at http://www.darfurfast.org/.

On Thursday, October 6th, Students Taking Action
Now (STAND) is organizing an international solidarity fast for Darfur. People around the world are invited to either fast for one meal or give up a luxury good for the day. Then, they are asked to either donate the money saved to a humanitarian organization or spend some time in reflection and prayer to end the terrible suffering and injustice.

News of the fast will be broadcast into refugee camps in Darfur and Chad via Voice of America and BBC World Service. Notable fasters who have committed to this day include Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Ruth Messinger, Bill Cosby, Bette Midler and Nicholas Kristof.

And then, from the folks at Busted Halo an e-mail alerting me to an article by Paulist Father Tom Ryan on …. the sacred art of fasting.

This October all adult and physically capable Muslims abstain from food, water and sexual relations from dawn to sunset during the lunar month of Ramadan (October 5 to November 3). Approximately one billion Muslims around the globe will be joined in their fast by about 14 million Jews worldwide on Yom Kippur (Oct 12, 13), the Day of Atonement, the single holiest day in the Jewish year. And in mid-November, Eastern Orthodox Christians throughout the world will begin their forty-day vegetarian Advent fast in preparation for the feast of the Nativity.

Synchronicity. I'm starting to learn that when that happens, I should pay attention. One of the way God lets us know what's what I think.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, syncronicity. I've always been partial to that word, and it's such a beautiful concept. Makes me feel all tuned in to the universe and such-like.