Ceremony of Welcome

Sr. Jo-Anne was kind enough to send along some photos from the Ceremony of Welcome for me & Hellen that took place last Saturday at groovy sister hq. Thought I'd share!

Me & Hellen (only a slight glare off my glasses)!

In the Chapel. My mentor Sr. Julie is next to Hellen


As part of the ceremony, the province leadership team gave us each a peace candle (which has our name and the date inscribed on it) and an icon of St Joseph of Peace. Everyone then raised their hands and offered a blessing on our continuing journeys.

It was a beautiful day and a special moment.


Steph said...

That's so awesome to see!!!!! Congrats!

"Omis" said...

Cool pix, thanks for sharing the blessed event.

CafeCath said...

Thanks so much for sharing your pics from this very special event. Again, congrats!!!!!

~m2~ said...

susan, i have had this link "saved" because i wanted to type something profoundly moving because i find the pictures to be so - the joy on your face, though, just makes me smile.

again, i have to say it: i am so blessed to be on this journey with you.