Overheard here in the computer lab (yes I'm still here ... having fun actually) .... "Do you know how to convert a kilogram to a decigram." ....

Thanks to my middle school science teacher Sr. Kathleen yes I do! "Kids have dogs. Dogs cost money." Kilogram. Hectogram. Decagram. Gram. Decigram. Centigram. Milligram. To convert you move the decimal points from left to right or right to left. So 10 milligrams would be 1 centigram.

I also still know the following chemical symbols due to other gems she tought us. This is ALL I know about science!

Lead = PB (pencils break and pencils have lead)
Potassium = K (King Kong eats bananas and bananas have potassium)
Copper = CU (I can see you in you're hellicopter)

And my favorite .... Gold is AU because Mr. T wears a lot of gold chains and if you stole them and ran after him he'd say "Hey You, gimme back my gold." ... It was the 80's.


HeyJules said...

Where were you when I was taking chemistry??? Those are great!

Mark Mossa, SJ said...

I thought you were going to say that Mr. T belonged to the A-u Team!