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Howdy everyone. A quick post here from groovy sister hq. I'm tired and exhausted in a good way, and very happy with my decision to take tomorrow off on vacation from work. I have some meetings and then will head back home in the afternoon.

A wonderful weekend. As an introvert these big community weekends EXHAUST me, but I know that and its ok because they are also exhilarating and give me fuel for prayer and reflection and inspiration to last in between the community times. We were led on Saturday by Sr. Alexandra in an excellent session on integrity. I may write more on that one later. I haven't had time to process it all fully. Oh, and the profession ceremony Friday night was beautiful. Perhaps a post on that later would be good too.

It's also been great to meet Sue and Dorothy, the candidates from the East. The 4 of us will be spending 2 years together in novitiate starting next fall (God willing). We've connected a bit by email but it was wonderful to meet in person. We also met with Doris, our novice director, who was also visiting from the East. We will be the first congregational novitiate and as such they're still figuring it all out (or making it up as they go along!). So they don't really have anything they can tell us, which is frustrating. In a way its good for me to have to give up control on this. I'm an information junkie so it's hard. But ultimately God's in charge, not me. Good to remind myself of that.

All in all a wonderful weekend. These women are so warm and friendly and doing such good in the world. This was my 3rd assembly, when the whole province community comes together. This time it really felt like coming home, and I was able to share and chat with more sisters for longer. Continuing to deepen those relationships. Very special.

But I'm somewhat braindead here at not even 8pm so it's off to bed for me!!! I've got an 8 am meeting with my formation director and want to make it to morning prayer at 7:30. I love praying the office in the chapel with the sisters. A completely different experience than praying it alone.

Peace Out,

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