volcanic eruptions + flooding = disaster

Just got an e-mail forwarded to me from Sr. Eleanor. (see below). She lives in San Salvador and works with Paz Salud, the groovy sister mission in El Salvador that brings much needed health care to the poor of that country. I'll admit I haven't heard much in the news here about the twin disasters of volcanic eruption and flooding that are plaguing the poor folks down there. But it's bad.

I know it seems like a never ending stream of disasters and folks needing our help. But if you've got any spare change, consider giving something to the disaster relief. Mercy Corps and Catholic Relief Services are both working in the region.

Or to make a direct person to person difference, you can help out Sr. Eleanor by sending checks to Paz Salud at the following address: Paz Salud, P.O. Box 1479, Eugene, OR 97440 USA. I can guarantee it will be put to good use on the ground.

From Eleanor on October 5th: Non-stop heavy rains in El Salvador began over a week ago. There is not a river in the country that has not run over its banks. Flooding is rampant. Even in the capital city of San Salvador, many main streets have become rushing rivers, frequently with the strength to overturn cars in their wake. "Shelters" have been set up everywhere, but the constant message is …. "We have no milk for the children; we’ve not received any food yet; we need clothes." The list is endless. Television channels carry pictures of mud slides in all areas of San Salvador, in rural areas, and over many of the new "super" highways built over the last three years with World Bank loans. Today’s headline is that the death toll is 52 persons, with 38 of those in San Salvador. The reality is that the many small houses are positioned on the edges of ravines and rivers, the only space available for the poor. Most of the deaths are from suffocation. The message is the same as we heard from New Orleans: "I won’t leave my house; I’m afraid of looting."

I just received another call for help from a health promoter with whom we’ve planned two of our brigades. She’s asking for medications for outbreaks of diarrhea and for pain medication. Our practice is to leave what medications remain after a brigade with the people of that zone, so I have non in our base house at the moment. I told her that what I could do was give her money to buy medications.So, I need some help. Our El Salvador Mission has a "donation" fund, but I never manage to keep ahead of it.

Please can you help with even a small donation?

Thank you very much.


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Susan D said...

Thanks for posting this, Susan - the Central America flooding has been so downplayed, I'm sure because of press feeling we are all played out on floods with Katrina and Rita. El Salvador is a country where major environmental disaster (earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanoes, floods) is a recurring fact of life...in addition to persistent poverty.