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Joe at Noviate Notes has an interesting post on Public School Catholics, a continuation of his comment on my post about catholics on the court.

I found my way to an interesting analysis of Alito's Catholicsm based on the church(es) he attends on Beliefnet via Rebecca Nappi. Very interesting, and somewhat disturbing.

What would they make of my Catholicsm based on the church(es) I choose to attend? That's another post.... Which may just happen if I feel the need to further procrastinate from my household chores/cleaning. :)

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Joe said...

Susan -
Thanks for the shout out. The parish question is also pretty fascinating. I remember during the Roberts nomination there was some talk about the nominee's relationship with well-connected DC priest Msgr. Peter Vaghi. If memory serves, Vaghi officiated at John and Jane Roberts' wedding, and when Vaghi was moved from the DC parish where he'd been pastor (St. Patrick's) to suburban Bethesda (Little Flower), the couple followed him. Antonin Scalia's parish in Northern Virginia, St. Catherine of Siena, also has the reputation of attracting a high-powered (and politically conservative) congregation. It's a really interesting topic - lots of possibilities for comment and analysis.