non-musical interludes

Today’s a holiday. Most of you probably have to work, but I have the day off. There are some benefits to government work! I’ve been busily catching up on household chores. Partially spurred on the fact that I’ll have a houseguest tomorrow night. My groovy sister mentor (Sr. Julie) is swinging through town and will be staying chez Susan tomorrow night. Which of course necessitates a thorough cleaning of the bathroom and guest room and a general tidying of the rest of my humble abode. I’m also realizing how much farther I’ve got to go down the road of simplifying! Especially if I’m going to head to novitiate next fall.
Back to the interludes alluded to in the title of this here post.

Interlude #1: As it’s my day off, I got to go to daily mass at my own parish for once. I also needed to drop something off at the parish office. So there I was, talking to the office support person, leaning up against the front counter when out of the corner of my eye I see an older parishioner I know come in. He says, to someone, "How’re you doing Sister" in his Irish brogue. No response. Then I realize he meant me! He must have heard the news that I’m a groovy sister candidate. I’m not really "Sister" yet, although the day is not that far off God willing. So must learn to get used to that, rather than looking around trying to figure out who they’re talking to!

Interlude #2: Then treated myself to a little lunch out. Sat down in my booth and looked across and saw the little boy from my Sunday School class whose Dad didn’t believe in God but who believed in Aliens. And he was with the aforementioned Dad and his Mom. Actually it was really his mom I recognized at first, because the 5 year old boy is now a 10 or 11 year old young man. How did that happen???????

Ok, non-musical interludes over. Back to work. Have a good day everyone.

Peace Out,
(not-yet-Sister) Susan

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Steve Bogner said...

Sister Susan does have a nice ring to it, doesn't it?

I used to coach a soccer team of 5 year olds; now they're all 10, and now & then I'll see one of them. I wonder how many times I've seen them but not recognized them? More than a few, I'm sure.