as seen on tv

Sunday night I watched an embattled White House try to emerge from the throws of a top secret leak investigation to get back on message. The White House Spokesperson dodged question after question in the briefing room, referring them to White House Counsel. The President embarked on a tour highlighting new initiatives hoping to move the spotlight away from the leak investigation.

Real life or tv drama? Hard to say. Sunday night it was West Wing. Today it's the Bush Administration.

Tim Grieve writes in Salon (as quoted in Dan Froomkin's Washington Post Column): "Rove and his colleagues had the president off on his Change the Subject Tour: On Monday, the subject-that-was-not-Plamegate was Sam Alito; on Tuesday, it was supposed to have been the president's plan to fight bird flu from Asia…."

Just like the West Wing. Oh wait, the real president does work in the West Wing. Confusing. :) Although I'd say our national and global politics are becoming more like a horror show or dark comedy than a tv drama.

One has to wonder if the old "These aren't the droids you're looking for" might not be more effective. (Click the link ... it commemorates the classic moment in legos!! And we all know everything is better in legos.)

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