lots and lots and lots

I’ve got lots of people I’m holding in prayer these days. A while back I’d gotten in the habit of writing them down. Both people who’ve asked for my prayers (which happens more and more these days I’ve noticed) as well as those I think of and want to remember in prayer. But I’ve gotten out of the habit, and now I find myself racking my brain trying to remember who I’ve promised to pray for …

my friend A’s aging mother who is ill
F who is in the hospital after a stroke and brain hemorrhage
V and her family, still coping with her father’s sudden death
K's mother who has terminal brain cancer
D who is heading back east to spend the first anniversary of her mother's death with her family
J who is striving for balance and peace in her life
B and her family, coping with her sister’s recent sudden death
D’s father as he struggles with advanced cancer
Another D as she struggles with many upheavals in her family life
K as she mourns the end of a relationship
R as he grows into his responsibilities, that he may find peace and a healthy balance
Sr. M who is going through chemo and assorted cancer treatments
M & M, two women in my life, who both have sometimes rocky relationships with their husbands
C & M who are trying to have a baby
M & O who are finally having a baby .. that all may continue to go well
The Paulist Fathers as they reorganize and leave foundations were they have had much history and many relationships with the laity
The people in the Paulist foundations where the Paulists will be leaving over the next year – it will not be easy
My bloggy friends and others I’ve met who are listening attentively to where God is calling them, discerning possible religious vocations
Victims of war, natural disaster, and other human violence
The president & congress that they may be guided by wisdom and compassion

and so much more …. I think I may need to find the little notebook where I was keeping track. Or just fall back on the old standby "for all those for whom we have promised to pray."

I heard a story this weekend of a woman who teaches Sunday School. She told the story of a day when she asked her 3rd graders to share their prayers out loud. She was expecting to hear prayers for a new video game or a brother to be nice to them. Instead she heard prayers for big brothers in Iraq, grandmothers who are ill, children who do not have homes. It was heart warming, and I think goes to show that we have an instinct to pray for others. It is part of the human condition. It is a gift of its own.

Lots to pray for. Lots to be thankful for that matter.


Lorem ipsum said...

I think of 'Million Dollar Baby' - every night Clint Eastwood gets down on his knees to pray and says, 'God, you know what I'm going to say, so I'm not going to bore you by repeating myself' or something like that.

A notebook - never thought of that. When the lady at the post office says, 'You're in my prayers,' is she just being nice? Or does she have a notebook too? Or is she like Clint, telling the Lord, 'Well, you know...'

Susan Rose, CSJP said...

It's the INTJ in me. I'm a thinker. I do better when I can actually remember everyone I want to be praying for.

I don't think my obsessive was are for everyone! :)

Ciona said...

Wow . . . you have nearly the entire alphabet on your prayer list. Your prayers are appreciated, I know.

In my Covenant Dicipleship group today, someone mentioned how many people are really in need of prayer right now. Her list is long, too. These are desperate times.