me and the big G

Went outside in the sunshine at lunch today. It was too tempting … sun in Portland in November is rare. For some reason, while sitting on the park bench I had a little flashback … [insert flashback sound effect and fuzzy visual effect here]

… to my high school days, when I would commute 45 minutes each day from one DC suburb to another. Often on those drives, I would see the same delivery truck on Good Luck Road. Plastered on the side of the truck in huge letters was …

G. uaranteed O. vernight D. elivery

Why one earth was I remembering that truck? And then it hit me. How often in life do I think I know what's best and even better, know when it should happen. My way on my time. Delivery guaranteed. We're so used to on demand this and overnight that. Wam bam instant presto.
But the life of faith doesn't work that way. And God doesn't work that way. One place I get into trouble is when I think they do. Or waste time thinking they should.

Flashback over, I felt more centered and present and able to open myself to God's love and God's plans on God's timeline and delivery schedule. While at the same time recognizing that I am me. And sometimes as me, I forget and wonder … where is that package? It's late! And not what I ordered in the first place!

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Jen Goodnow said...

i've seen that god truck here in nyc too!
i have a friend who sees a truck from a company called afgo. when she's in a difficult life situation, she calls thems afgo's - another f'ing growth opportunity.