all over the map

My site meter tells me that today visitors have stumbled upon this here little spot in the blogosphere looking for …
…. advice on being green
… humility
… news on the french riots
… what feminism looks like
… whether to follow your head or follow your heart
… mr. picasso head (actually 3 folks looking for this fun tool)
… stethoscopes
… missing mom
… someone else wondering why it’s not easy being green
… clothes nuns wear
… and a catholic vocation discernment blog.

Hmm… an eclectic collection. Hope my visitors enjoyed their stay, whether brief or of a longer duration. Looking at that list gives a good picture I think of what I’ve been doing here of late. Silliness with the picasso head and an ode to kermit the frog, social commentary on global events and the role of women in the church & world, sharing my own struggles and daily quest for humility and wisdom, and of course vocation discernment which does include the practical questions of what Sisters wear and do.

I’ve kind of been all over the map lately. Literally, with visitors from the Netherlands and Thailand and the UK and Germany and France and Canada and Australia and various of our 50 states (and the District of Columbia too). And all over the map in the topics of my posts too, as these searches show .. after all, the search only led my visitors here because the great search engines of the world thought I had something to share on these topics.

But I’ve also personally been all over the map lately too. Working through some deep questions about community and freedom and prophetic risk and commitment and obedience and transition and change and leave taking and … well, lots of nonbloggable thoughts truth be told. Good stuff though that in a way I wish I could share here but while some of it is non-bloggable for various reasons, mostly it’s just not coherent enough for public consumption. God’s been really busy, planting lots of seeds and questions and reminders and challenges in my life. So busy that I can’t ignore most of it, but need to plod through with the help of long walks and journal writing and nonsensical blog posts and quiet time with the big guy. Oh, and the shower. God & I have the best talks in the shower.

Ok, night time rambling done. Time to head to bed. Night John Boy.


A said...

Night Mary Ellen.

I've enjoyed your musings of late. Thanks for sharing what you can with us.

Jen Goodnow said...

i have the same site meter - how do you find out what things people were looking for?

Susan Rose, CSJP said...

You can look in the "referrals." If you see the visitor was referred by google or yahoo or msn you can look for search terms in the URL string. For example, a recent visitor was referred by:

so, he as looking for "peter jailbreak" which I did in fact write about a few months ago.

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan,

Make that Singapore too! ;)

I have been reading your blog regularly for sometime already. Haven't said much but I say one thing now.. it has become my fav blog despite me not even knowing you personally!


Susan Rose, CSJP said...

Thanks Geraldine!

I've been wondering who my visitor from Singapore was.

Happy my random musings have somehow reached you.

Blessings on your day