my buddy albert

A few years back I picked up a great post card that sits in my cube. The caption on the back says "Albert Einstein's response when asked to smile for his birthday, Princeton, 1951." He's sticking his tongue out. I cannot tell you how many times I've been freaking out, or super serious, or busily blowing something out of proportion when I look over, see my buddy Albert sticking his tongue out at me, and gain some perspective.

So it was perfect when I saw the "Make your Custom Einstein Image" tool over at Pennis's spot. And what message does my dear friend Albert have for me today? Well, turns out he's paraphrasing the groovy sister constitutions' passages on obedience for me. (I've been having a slight freak out as to how ready I really am to go that road, and praying these passages has really helped).

And so I give you my buddy Albert …. being seriously academic rather than sticking his tongue out. But helping me gain some perspective nonetheless.


Lorem ipsum said...

I love it. Wise and funny... so anything that we relatively stupid persons come up with still fits!

ukok said...

Seriously profound, was that Albert bloke ;)

God Bless.