On blogs

Jo(e) has a great post on Blogging as an emerging genre

Very interesting.

I for one have noticed how much better my writing has become, now that I have an excuse for a daily outlet for my random thoughts. And as people actually read (and comment on) my writing, I find myself having to craft it more carefully.

I also love the phenomenon of thinking as I go through life, I should/could blog about this.

Not that every post is well crafted. This quickie "check this out" post being an example :)

Good day everyone!


kevin h said...

Blogging has been great for me. In school, I was a "math and science" kid. I wasn't an artist or writer, though art and writing were always my secret desires. Blogging has freed me from the lies of my childhood. Blogging allowed me a safe place to start writing. For the first couple years, I didn't give it much thought. It was blogging, not writing. Then, 2 or 3 years ago, the old desires came back and I started to see real potential in writing. I began to look at writing as a craft, while others gave feedback, both direct and indirect. Now, I look at writing as my vocation and owe much to this new genre.

Steph said...

The other thing I was thinking about the other day was the fact of how e-mail, IM, and text messaging have destroyed grammar and spelling .... but perhaps blogging is going to bring it back. What seems reasonable to read on a two-inch cell phone would seem absurd on a continuous screen of text. Blogs have (hopefully) brought back paragraphs. And the community aspect of the new friends is wonderful!