self destructing post

In case you're wondering, my halloween costume post (with some very embarassing pictures of me as Krusty the Clown , Elvis and a member of the Village People) has self destructed. Some sort of 24 hour embarassment bug :)

(If you subscribe to my feed in bloglines, it might still be there if you're interested. Otherwise, use your imagination!)


Mark Mossa, SJ said...

I downloaded the photos if anybody wants them!

No, just kidding! :)

But I did see the post! Nothing to be ashamed of!


Susan Rose, CSJP said...

Not ashamed ... just embarassed! :)

The things I'll do for the sake of team building. I am happy that this was my last office halloween. Although at least we were vindicated and finally won!!!

Jim Online said...

I think it is funny man. My friend had a funnier experience. He dressed like Saddam Hussien. The people were not scared but terrified when he arrived. I just winder how terrorist become scarier than paranormal beings.